Thursday, August 20, 2009

Return of the Queen

Ok, so everyone, im back from my sickmo pity party. I decided that nothing good comes of wallowing in misery and pain, so im moving on. Its scriptural!

Im back on track with my lifestyle change (im not calling it a diet) and i have organised my first personal training session for next tuesday. Im excited and a bit scared about that. I have a tendency to puke in PT sessions. Oh well.

I have also decided that my lifestyle change requires much much more than just losing weight and exercising. My brain has to change as well. Here is what I have decided on so far:

1) As long as I have a victim mentality, I will be a victim. Im not a victim, im an overcomer!

2) There is a plan of happiness for my life. Misery, pain, sorrow, dispair, depression and anxiety are NOT part of that plan.

3) I am fat because of the above reasons. There have been external factors contributing to my size and my unhappiness, but in the end, im the only one responsible for me.

4) When faith is secure, my life is secure. So, having a faith that is secure and built on firm foundations MUST be my first priority.

5) I have a good life, a comfortable house, a great family, supportive friends, a job that I enjoy and I live in a country where I can express myself without fear of oppression. Thats alot to be greatful for.

6) I recognise that my life is not where I want it to be right now, but I dont have to feel bad about that. I just need to change.

So there you go. Queen Michelle has returned. Huzzah.



  1. While I totally get what you were trying to say, I have to disagree with number 2. Those bad things ARE a part of the plan! Because without pain, you wouldn't know joy :) Expect the bad & choose to be happy when it comes!

  2. well thats entirely true! I think what I should have said is that I need more of the happiness and less of the other stuff that was dominating my life. Thats a bit more what I was trying to say. Balance!

    But I like the "expect the bad and choose to be happy when it comes" comment. So true.