Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok, so we all know im a wuss

Yesterday was my first trip to the gym in like 2 years. I just jumped on the tready and did a 45 minute walk. Doesnt seem like much does it. But surprisingly enough I am sore today. That just shows you how unfit I am. On the positive side, Im positive that pretty soon im going to have buns of steel!

I have also discovered that focusing on myself and going to the gym everyday takes alot of planning. I am going to have to get another set of gym clothes or a dryer because I get home from work and put them on to wash, but they arent dry in time. I couldnt go to the gym this morning cause I had nothing I could wear. Also, eating the right food takes planning too. I have to make sure my cupboard is stocked with all the right foods so that I dont have to go out for food every day. If I do that, I always get something bad.

On a funny note, I went so hard on the tready yesterday that I totally snapped my bra. I laughed so hard when that happened. Oh well, just another reason to go shopping (once my tax comes in which I hope is soon, because my bra supply is rather limited).

I have my first personal training session on tuesday morning with Nathan. I know i will be shelling out a fair bit of money on that every week, but I know it works for me and I kinda see it as a good investment. One of my goals for next year is to go to the States, but I have told myself that I cant go until I reach a certain weight. And I want to go asap, so that means im really gonna to have to work hard.

My goal for now is to lose 7 kilos by this time next month. It seems like alot, but because im quite big, if I work hard I should lose about 2 kilos a week for the first month or two.

On a non weight-loss related topic, I am preparing to give a talk at church this sunday. Its only 5 mins but I want it to be good. What I might do is once I have actually given the talk, I might post it on here so that other people can read it. I know that I have quite a friends who not religious, so if you dont want to read it, you dont have to. And for those of you who are, and who are also members of my church, go easy on me, its my first time.

Well, thats all for today. Peace out.


  1. It was my 2nd gym session today and it was WAY harder cos I was soooo sore! I'm hoping it'll get a little easier :P It's awesome that you're setting goals. And I think 7kg is totally attainable! You go girl!!

  2. Awww thanks Zan. I think I will get the 7 kilos if I eat the right food. I tell ya, its all in the mind. I have had a hectic and sometimes nerve-wracking day and I simply wasnt able to resist a bit of chocolate. I think what I need to do is make sure that my response to a bad situation is always to go straight to food.

    And I know what u mean about sore. I feel disabled today (moreso than usual!!). Hopefully that means we are both doing something good. I have muscles that hurt that I swear I havent used in 2 years.