Monday, August 10, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So, sorry for the brief delay in updated things on here. I am to do it at least once every two days, but yesterday was a crap of a day so I thought I would save you all the misery of reading about it, and wait to post until things were looking up.

Here is a few things I have realised over the last few days. I may be repeating things i have already said but im realising how important these things are:

1) Looking after yourself takes careful planning and alot of work. Making sure I have the appropriate food available to eat, lunch packed, gym clothes clean is so important. If I fall down on any of these things, well, i dont go to the gym or I eat bad food.

2) My motivation to go to the gym is directly affected by the ammount of sleep I get. Because I need to get up early to go to the gym, if I go to bed late I cant get up enough time to get to work on time let alone the gym beforehand.

3) Gym needs to be my priority. Im a busy girl. And im juggling lots of stuff at the moment in my personal and professional life. Because will willpower and motivation is still only a teeny tiney bit, if anything else gets in the way its FAR TOO EASY for me not to go. I need to tell myself that I dont have choice but to go. And I HAVE TO GO at least 5 times a week.

4) Im important enough to make an effort for.

5) I am (at the moment) the only one who can look after me. Who else is going to?

So, all that being said, this whole change my lifestyle thing is harder than once thought, but im not giving up, cause this is important.


  1. Please dont pay any attention to my few spelling errors. I didnt check before I posted today.

  2. Michelle, do you really think that anybody that took the time to come and read your blog would actually care about correcting your spelling errors?? lol We love you!!

    I know it's super hard :( But you're right. It's important and you are WORTH IT! Going to the gym can only bring you happiness :) Remember that when you don't wanna get outta bed ;)